Repalle is a town, mandal and a muncipality in Guntur district in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 44 miles south of Guntur, 42 km from tenali and 50 km from bapatla, 45 km from machilipatnam  by NH 214 .
Repalle starts at Ankamma Chettu, a tree that is in the old town area closer to the old fort and ends at Isukapalli from east to west, and starts at Peteru and ends at Aravapalli from north to south.
Bank of the river krishna passing repalle at Penumudi village, Temples of Lord Shiva located at Govada,Moorthota, Aravapalli are famous places around Repalle. A bridge was recently constructed on river krishna, connecting the Krishna District to Repalle.After the bridge construction, the social and economic relations between Repalle and other villages of Krishna district like Challapalli, Avanigadda, Puligadda, Nagailanka, Bandar (Machilipatnam) and other surrounding villages have increased.
After delimitation process, repalle constituency formed with 4 mandals called repalle, nagaram, nizampatnam, cherukupalli and one muncipality called repalle. In 2009, Mr. Mopidevi venkata ramanarao eleceted as an M.L.A and got a berth in sate cabinet.